Live the signal. Lose the noise.

makebelieve celebrates the art of the journey, the ability to find and create stillness and beauty in a frenetic, tech-crazed world.

I first discovered photography when I was about fifteen years old. Being very enthusiastic about life, I soon discovered the fantastic power of photos to record memories that can very easily slip and be forever forgotten.

Being not very good at the beginning but very stubborn, I told everyone I knew that I would become a professional photographer. Having no idea how to do it, I spent plenty of years doing other things while capturing everything around me. And since practice means perfect, I became that much better shooter as a side effect. Eventually, I had the privilege to travel the world providing photography services for various high-profile events. The freedom the cameras gave me along the way is mind-boggling.

Now I want to share this feeling with you. You can leave your iPhone at home. Or take it, but feel free to turn it off. Whatever you need to take care of, please do it before we meet, because now everything is about the journey, however your family defines it.

Don’t miss the magic.

Not a bad way to live a life, anyway.


Welcome to the makebelieve family.

With passion, Tomas

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